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Sensitization Programme on Social Media Handling and Cyber Crime On 8 September 2023

On 8 September 2023 at 11 am in the Seminar Hall  
a Sensitization Programme on Social Media Handling and Cyber Crime is organized by the District Social Welfare Officer and District Hub for empowerment of women kamrup Metropolitan District in Collaboration with Counseling Cell and IQAC of Beltola College.More than eighty students had participated in the aforementioned programme.This Programme was organized in two technical session.The welcome speech was delivered by Rashmirekha Hazarika the Coordinator of IQAC and the programme was anchored by Dhrijumani Das the active member from the Counselling Cell of Beltola College and Nishmani Sharma the employee from District Social Welfare Officer.In the first technical session the resource person Mohammad Shahbaaz ,the senior consultant of Crime Branch spoke about the Digital Crime in the modern age.He told us that the human beings were offered many facilities through the medium of Digital platforms.But we should be very careful about using it because the hackers are always trying to hack us.Sometimes the Digital Crime was done intentionally and sometimes unintentionally.Again he also informed how the hackers tried to trap the people.In the next technical session Devanshi Dihingia the psychologist from Optimista Learning Hub informed that the Social Media nowadays becomes a part of our life and consequently the Digital Criminals always follow our psychological behavior and accordingly they planned us to trap in their net.So,we should not react them emotionally.We should be involved practically.Finally,she told us that we should be very careful while involving in the platform of Social Media.
     Finally,the vote of thanks was offered by Pankaj Kumar Kalita,the Coordinator from Counselling Cell of Beltola College.He thanked the Principal Dr Ajit Borkotoky for giving the Counselling Cell the opportunity to organize the programme.Secondly,he thanked Rashmirekha Hazarika for her constant support,.Thirdly,he thanked the employees of District Social Welfare Officer and District for the empowerment of women kamrup Metropolitan.He also thanked both the resource Persons for their wonderful and valuable me lectures.And finally he thanked the faculties and the students for their active Participations in the aforementioned programme.


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