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Department of Political Science


Department of Political Science of Beltola College was established in the Year 1983. It is one of the oldest departments in our Institution. This department has contributed a lot towards teaching and research in the discipline of Political Science. The Department has produced thousands of Graduates in Political Science. The Faculty members of the Department are very hard working, as this department is always suffering form shortage of faculty. Next to the Department of Education this Department is populous in term of students. Sometimes this department has to handle singlehandedly by one faculty. They have contributed towards the discipline of Political Science and other related social sciences for decades. The department has introduced Semester System from the academic session 2011-12 with a revised syllabus focusing on the emerging areas in Political Science. This Department is availing teaching to both Major and Pass course students. Up to the year 2008 this department had taken Higher Secondary classes also.


Vision and Mission of the Department :

This department always believes in all round development of the student. This department always wanted to produce good citizen in the society. Apart from academic development this department is inspiring students for facing outer world. And inspire the student to use modern amenities in academic Development. This Department also inspires students for contributing towards social and sustainable development.




Study Political Science both as a science and art and it deals with descriptions, debates and interrogation of state, national and international politics.


Date of Permission:-1997-98

Date of Govt Concurrence:-  15-05-2000


  Apart from taking Regular Classes this Department also taking remedial classes

 Inspiring Students to Know beyond Syllabus

 Inspiring Students to participate in different Social and Environmental   awareness programme.

Group Discussions

Teacher’s Day Celebration


Infrastructure:- Along with common class rooms of the College for pass course, it has a separate Major Class room of its  own. In the Department Every Faculty have their own entity. Along with it the Department itself has its own Library building by the efforts of its Faculty members only.


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