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Anti-Ragging Committee

The Anti-Ragging Committee is formed in the Beltola College keeping in view to make the institution a ragging free College Campus. The committee will take strict action against anyone who is indulged in the activity of ragging another noteworthy thing is that till date no case of ragging takes place in our institution. Again, the students are also involved with the committee so that no such incident can take place.

The members of Anti Ragging Committee are as follows-

Chairperson: - Dr Ajit Borkotoky

Members: - Dr Mrigendra Nath Sarmah

                     Pankaj Kumar Kalita

                     Sadhana Kalita

                     Purabi Medhi (Magazine Editor Beltola College Students' Union)

                     Himangshu Nath (Boys Common Room Beltola College Students' Union)


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