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The Central Library of Beltola College was started in 1983 during the establishment of the College. Initially it had less number of books, but later on, gradually the number of books is increased, and even the services of it also improved day by day. The students of our college have membership facilities in the Central Library. In order to move forward with the challenges of new procedures some technology have been deployed. The Central Library has more than 9000 books, magazines, journals, newspapers and E-collection etc. Besides the Central Library, the eight Department have more than 2500 books in their departmental libraries. The library also uses SOUL 2.0Software in library management and it also provides e-resources to the users with the help of  N-LISTINFLIBNET Centre.



  1. To provide materials because it will stimulate students’ acquisition of factual knowledge development of library appreciation, ethical values and ethical standards.
  2. To promote the use of various sources of information and knowledge among the users
  3. To help the poor students.
  4. To promote the use of various sources of information



According to the direction of Director of Higher Education, Guwahati Assam the Beltola College constituted Library Advisory Committee under the Chairmanship of the Principal. The Librarian could be the Convenor of the Committee. Thus, the Library Advisory Committee is formed in the following ways:

Chairman: Principal

Convenor: Librarian

Members: (i) Two Assistant Professors

(ii) IQAC Coordinator



  1. Decision will be taken on the policy matters by the Library Advisory Committee.
  2. The Library Advisory Committee will finalise the working days of the library.
  3. To discuss any problem related to library, the Librarian may confront in running daily activities of the library.
  4. The Library Advisory Committee has got the ample power in order to advise for execution of decision taken in the meetings.
  5. The Library Advisory Committeewill bestow upon the responsibility to the librarian for proper cleanliness of the library, its toilet and to look after the use of Xerox and internet facilities.
  6. The Library Advisory Committee will take decision to purchase the equipments and technology required for the improvement of library services.
  7. The Librarian will collect the book list from the departments as well as from vendors. The Librarian will scrutinise it and then it will be submitted to the Library Advisory Committee for its approval. After getting the approval and according to the advice of the Committee, the Librarian may place order to the books suppliers.



1. The following is the table of borrowing books through various categories.

Collection Type Category

Book Entitlement


B.A. (Honors)


15 Days

B.A. (Regular)


15 Days



30 Days



2. Fine Policy:

• A fine of Rs. 1 per day/ per book will be levied/ charged for delay of books.

• Loss/damage/disfiguring/tearing of pages of Library books, twice the prevailing cost of the book (as replacement cost) will be charged in case of non replacement fines till the date of replacement of book/ submission of book replacement cost will be applicable, barring few exceptions. So, ensure you are not receiving any such book else report it to the library staff.

Working Hours of the Library

  1. The Library is open for six days a week from Monday to Saturday.
  2. It remains closed on all Sundays, Government Holidays and Guwahati University Holidays
  3. The service of Library is from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  4. The circulation time of the Library is from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
  5. No Issue/Return of books on Saturday. On Saturday, the Library is used for only reading purpose.



  • Students must enter the library with college uniform. Without college uniform, no one will enter inside the library.
  • All the students/faculties and outsiders entering the Library shall keep their bags at the property counter. Only notebooks, purse, wallet, money, important document will be allowed inside.
  • Carry your student ID card and Library ID card with you when you enter in the library.
  • Library is not responsible for any loss of personal belongings.
  •  Beverages and Eatables are not allowed inside the library.
  • Every member must signature in the register available at the entrance.
  • All users are requested to keep their mobiles in silent/vibrate mode. Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in the library premises.
  • The readers must intimate immediately to the Librarian if he or she loses the reader's card. The Librarian will issue a duplicate card after proper verification.
  • The readers must be examined carefully about the books issued to them before leaving the library.
  • The books must be returned to the librarian on stipulated time
  • Pin-drop silence and discipline must be maintained in the library.
  • The students should inform about the problem if he or she faces to the librarian immediately.
  • The library has got the power to cancel the membership of the students if he or she violates any rules of the library.



Library Facilities and Services:

1. Reading Room Facility

2. Internet Facility

5. Wi-Fi Facility.

6. E-Resources facility through NLIST

7. Reprographic Service

8. Binding Old Question paper

9. Information Display and Notification Services

10. Newspaper Clipping

11. Display of Current Book list on Library Notice Board

12. Library Orientation Service

13. Current Awareness Service


Sections of the Library:

1. Stack Area section

2. Technical Section

3. Reference Section

4. Periodical Section

6. Newspaper Section

7. Bound Volume Section

8. Reprographic Section


Five Laws of Library Science:

First Law: Books are for use.

Second Law: Every reader his or her book.

Third Law: Every book its reader.

Fourth Law: Save the time of the reader.

Fifth Law: A library is a growing organism.

  • Dr. S. R. Ranganathan

Librarian Profile

Aporajita Gogoi
Designation: Librarian
Qualification: MLISc
Contact No: 7002336233
Email: aporajitagogoi865@gmail.com


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