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Department of English


 The Department of English of Beltola College has its existence since the establishment of the college, i.e. from the year 1983. It is one of the oldest departments of our institution. The contribution of this department towards teaching and research is immense. The faculty members of this department are very hard-working, active and student-friendly. Sometime this department had run single handedly by one faculty. This department is providing teaching to both Major and Pass Course students. This department had taken classes of higher secondary up to 2008.


This Department believes in the all round development of the students. The Aim of this department is to produce good and hard-working citizens in the society. Apart from the academic development, this department always tries to inspire the students various extra-curricular fields including music, arts, sports and other cultural activities. This department has also been inspiring the students to contribute or engage in various social activities.



To make the students nationally and internationally compatible.

Date of Permission: 1997-98

a) General English

b) English (Major) for B.A. 1st Semester of 2011-12

c) English (Major) for B.A. 2ndSemester of 2012-13

  Date of Govt Concurrence- 15/5/2000

  Activities- Plantation, Essay Competition  

Infrastructure:- Along with the common classroom of the college for Pass Course, it has a separate classroom of its own for Major Course. In the Department every faculty member has his or her own entity. Along with it the Department itself has its own library built by the efforts of its faculty members and students.


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