History of Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of Beltola College

As a post accreditation quality assurance measures as prescribed by the NAAC, the Beltola College established Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) under auspices of the college on dated 07.04.2015. Though it has quite recent history, it has become an integral part of the college in realising facilities of the college and enhancing in fulfilling utmost required things which are essential in the assurance of quality. Though shortage of different amenities, this cell emphasises on accreditation of NAAC for the betterment of the whole institution, especially for students. From this year onwards, this cell is emphasising on introducing feedback system in our college. It has taken the responsibility to improve the institution through different cells. The IQAC - Beltola College is determined to change the institution to the level of excellence. It has aspirations to do different things and to facilitate students. Initially this cell was coordinated by Eli Kumari Das, Head of the Department of Economics, later due to some reason; she gave resignation from the post on 08-09-2015. Then the responsibility of the coordinating the cell is handed over to Lina Deka, Head of the Department of Political Science on 08-09-2015. This cell is also emphasizing on improvement of teaching, learning & research environment of the institution.